Re: pony feet pics are up/ short notice... (my pony too!) Now Orion'

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tori,

Thanks so much for the update - makes my day :)

Exercise is certainly a good addition to an IR horse's schedule. Given how much damage there is/was to the hoof capsule connections, it would be good if you could encourage him to take it a bit easier for the time being as you don't want to have him cause more damage in his over-exuberance at feeling so much better. The positive thing is that these little guys tend to rebound much more quickly once the trim is heading in the right direction because you don't have gravity working against you. He could probably use some stretching exercises to loosen up his right side as it sounds like he can contract that well but not release/stretch/extend it so that would make it difficult for him to travel to the left. His LF had more pathology in the xrays as well so when traveling to the left, it takes more of the weight and might be more uncomfortable.

Being stiff in the morning makes sense and is probably a combination of factors. Payback for the shenanigans during the day coupled with the likelihood he doesn't move around as much over night, may be resting lying down for an extended period, so is stiff when he gets up and about first thing until the circulation gets going and everything loosens up. That he appears to work out of it is a very good sign.

Keep up the good work - hugs to the little imp.

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Jan 05, RI
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