Re: Looking for some help and direction for IR Pony

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jenilee,

Thanks for adding the older xrays as they help with understanding how long issues may have been present. Unfortunately, they show toes that are too long, thin soles, likely under run heels and significant side bone (which indicates that there have likely been hoof imbalance issues for a long time). The bony column alignment was broken back in the LF and broken forward in the RF.

In the hind foot photos, the toes are also too long, heels too high and somewhat under run, bars are overgrown. The trim is not optimal so is further compromising Huck's ability to heal. These are extremely common issues that we see on a regular basis. They are so common that they tend to be viewed as "normal". Problem is that normal doesn't necessarily equal healthy and optimal.

Old Macs are a decent protective/riding boot but for the situation you currently have with Huck I don't think they will be the best choice. The inserts that the Soft Rides have are unique as they are a deep gel orthotic and it doesn't really fit into any other style of boot. Have a read here:

Please note I'm not recommending that you go with the additional rocker bottom for them. You can try looking for some used ones on the Hoof Boot Exchange:

Huck might benefit from an appt with a Certified Equine Massage Therapist to get things started. I can give you  the contact info for an excellent individual based in NY state if you are interested.

Perfectly fine to soak hay, drain and feed later.

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Jan 05, RI
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