Re: Dutch not eating anything appropriate for him

Kerry Isherwood

....."could I then dry the hay then put it in plastic bags after weighing it so the person feeding could just pick up the bag and give it".....

>>> Hi Rebecca,

Are you weighing hay *after* its soaked, or before?  Just curious.  I've always thought to weigh hay *before* its soaked...maybe i'm just confusing myself by misinterpreting your words...

And I'd be nervous about putting it in a plastic bag after its been recently wet due to chance of mold or something similar sinister.  Maybe into a plastic laundry basket that has airing holes on sides?  Idk, its a thought.  Or maybe a firewood contraption, where a piece of malleable material is attached between two handles, that lies flat on the ground for loading and handles can be brought together for ease of carrying?  That way the drying hay could be kept out in air until ready for transport to Dutch. 

Just thoughts!  Sometimes I feel like 98% MacGyver and 2% actual riding equestrian with these IRs ;)

Good luck,

Kerry in NY
Sept 14

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