Re: Pracend vs comp pergolide

Claudia Goodman

>My vet's office was skeptical about Thriving pets
I have been ordering Pergolide capsules from Thriving Pets for almost a year and it seems to work for my mare.

My mare needed 2mg Prascend to achieve control initially, but went to 3mg for control during seasonal rise. At that time I began to order the compounded pergolide in capsule form. Ordered 30 capsules of 3mgs (one month's worth) at a time. (We have had to go up to 4mg Pergolide more recently for control.)
As we go into seasonal rise again, I can add more pergolide using Prascend tablets as needed to keep my mare controlled. I find it useful to always have some Prascend available so I can add one-half tablet to increase her dose more easily when it is necessary to do so. So, both products are helpful, but compounded is far more practical when needing more than 1mg daily.
Hope this is of some help.

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