Re: Pracend vs comp pergolide

lj friedman

I asked my vet about switching from prascend to comp pergolide.  his response:

If you want to switch to the compounded that is fine as long as you understand that with that particular drug, many compounding pharmacies' formulations have been tested in some studies and found to be significantly lower or higher than what they state is in there.  This finding has led to a lot of veterinarians not wanting to use this particular drug from compounding pharmacies.

I'm not going to ask my vet what study he read.. I'm happy enough that he will write for compounded pergolide if  I choose to go that route. Would it make sense to stick with thriving pets for this product?  Soon to be using 2.5mg of  prascend so  some nice savings to go to compounded. I do always prefer branded products though . Now, Jesse takes the prascend pills without incident, mixed in a small bunch of his timothy hay  pellets. I can always test t a 30 day supply of the capsules from thriving pet to see if he readily accepts them.  but I am a bit concerned that the quality control  is less than, with compounded. 

lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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