Titrating prascend..?

lj friedman

ACTh not controlled well enough so Going from 1.5 mg prascend to 2.5 mg prascend.. I found it too difficult to titrate  at the .25mg level. So . I went from 1.5mg to 2.0 mg.. and then... up to 2.5.   Just as a hunch. I"m thinking of staying at the 2.0mg for 7 days before increasing to 2.5.  Is this a correct strategy?  other better strategy?   ljj friedman san diego nov 2014.(. I asked this recently  but, sadly. recd no answer.    So, an answer would be greatly appreciated.. as I am relatively  new to this world. and dont see infot on titrating at the  .50mg level. . )


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