Re: Time to increase prascend?

lj friedman

This post from lavinia:
If this was one of my horses, I would titrate him to the 2mg dose then continue up to at least 2.5mg as his ACTH is going to continue to rise even with the increased meds because of the seasonal influence. Your goal is to continue to control the increase as much as possible. Test again in mid-Sept to reassess.

Whenever you start your sentences off with "if this was one of my horses… "I pretty much automatically do what you would do if it was your horse. You wrote AT LEAST for a dose of 2.5, which makes me think that you think I should move up to 3.0 mg? With that being said, if I'm going to switch to compounded pergolide to save some money and I am with the current plan of increasing to 2.5 mg of prascend, do you think it's appropriate that I should consider ordering 3.0 mg compounded pergolide and switch over to that particular strength capsule in the few weeks time when titration indicates he can go to 3.0 mg? Lj friednan san diego nov2014

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