Re: pony feet pics are up/ short notice... (my pony too!) Now Orion'

Tori Cullins

Got some good photos up of Orion's hoof wall separation at toes in the link below. Wow... Already starting to get beyond it the backing up of the toe in the right front hoof, so thought should get some well lit photos to show the separation at its worst (before it is gone). Will have sole photos to post hopefully tomorrow. Still havent mastered the taking of photo with phone, and holding hoof at same time. Any tips? For now, need to use regular point and shoot for those one handed shots.  Hmmm... maybe time to learn holding the hoof between the legs (look ma no hands!)

Tori and Orion, Hawaii (still) 
April 2015
Link below is to Orion delaminated hoof photos


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