Missing Pergolide!

ferne fedeli

Somehow the Post Office has sent my Pergolide order on a merry trip around the country.  I just checked again and it left Billings, Montana, around noon, so MIGHT be here Monday if all goes well...  I ordered it from Thriving Pets on Saturday and it went out Monday.  Usually it gets here in 2-3 days and I was a bit concerned when it wasn't here on Thursday and REALLY concerned when it wasn't there Friday.  My Postmistress said to see if they had a tracking number and check where it was, so I did...

The problem is Magic took the last pill I had last night, so at best he will go 2 nights without his Pergolide!!!  This certainly isn't the time of year for that, but didn't know if there was anything I could do  for him while he is without his pills.  He is currently on 3mg.  I guess I've learned my lesson.  I already ordered more, just in case it doesn't show up at all or something.  I will start giving a few more days leeway in the future, but that doesn't help the now!!!
Ferne Fedeli
No. California

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