Re: Buddy Cornell test results

Lorna Cane

Hi Kelly,

>After two years of fall laminitis and foot issues, I had Buddy tested last >week and just received the results.  


>Based on his ACTH results, do you think he still might be early >Cushing's?  He does have several symptoms of it (late shedding, loss of >muscle/weight/topline, lack of energy, fall laminitis...). 

Based on the above I'd be suspicious about PPID,too.

But can you update your CH for us ( and you),so that we can see all the details in one place? It seems about ayear has gone by since last entries.
Makes it easier to give appropriate advice.

Don't hesitate to add info in the blank pages at the end of the CH,too.

Let us know when you've been able to update.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002

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