pergolide veil: loss appetite-depression-feed

sandie g-harries

hi everyone.

I need help :0(

my pony was tested cushing and IR in july 2015.

I started her on pergolide very slowly at increase of 0.5ml every 4-5 days.

I am now at her recommended dose, 3.5ml for the 4th day.

Poor puppet, she hardly eats. drinks well.

she lost her appetite, is lethargic and depress a little. She doesn't eat much of her diner either (speedibeet)

I boughter a recommended product of booster FX to hjelp and I just couldn't get her to eat at all with it so I removed it sionce I'm already struggling to get her to eat just normal food :0(

my questions:

-what can I do?????

-what else can I offer in her feeds to encourage eating? other than maxi soy bevcause she doesn't seem to like that either.

-should I drop the dose back to 3ml again?

thank yopu



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