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Hi Sandie,

Sorry to hear your pony is having problems.  Do you have a case history on her?  If so, please post a link to it, as I looked and could not find it.  If not, it would be most helpful if you could take a few minutes to fill one out.  It really gives us the details we need to give you the absolute best help.  Here's a link to ECH8 where you would need to join to fill out a CH on your pony:  It should not take long to get approved, and then just follow the instructions on the main page to fill out a CH.

Meanwhile, and I'm sure Pauline will jump in here and give you more/better "Aussified" details, but there is a product that can really help with the "pergolide veil" (lack of appetite, depression) that your pony seems to be experiencing from starting on the drug.  It's called APF and is available from Auburn Labs.   They are located in the US but do ship to Australia, though I found a couple of old posts from Pauline that state to avoid problems with customs, you should order the human form.  I also have a vague recollection that Pauline had mentioned something in the not too distant past about a similar product now being carried in your country, but of course, I cannot find that post now.  I will shoot Pauline an email (in case she misses your post) and ask her to comment.

I see that you are using the liquid form of pergolide.  Just want to caution you that the liquid form is only stable for 14 days.  We recommend the powdered form in capsules for the best stability,  More information about the different forms of pergolide can be found in this file folder:   Click on "compounded drugs" and then on "pergolide forms and stability.pdf"    Also lots of great information in the "pergolide 101" file in that folder (4th file down from top).  

What is your "recommended dose" in mgs?  Or how many mgs/ml in your solution?  At what dose did the veil symptoms start?  It would be OK to cut back on the dose, start the APF and then increase the dose again. With proper titrating on to the drug, the pergolide veil symptoms do resolve themselves eventually, usually within a couple of weeks.  More info here: 

You might find something helpful in the "picky eaters checklist" to help tempt her to eat. Fourth file down in this folder: 

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA

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