Increased Prascend Causing Anxiety, Aggression and Confusion

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Good Day All,

  In May Fargo's ACTH level was just under the normal range.  After reviewing info in the group, I decided to increase his Prascend in order to see if we could get his levels lower and avoid a seasonal rise.  He was on 1 mg Prascend and I increased it by .5 mg.  By day 8 of the increase, he was a hot mess.  Aggressive to his herdmates, anxious, confused -- a totally different horse.  I lowered the dose back to 1 mg and he was quickly back to his old self.  So my question is twofold:  1) Has anyone else seen this rare (but documented in the Prascend literature) reaction to Prascend?  If so, have you had success in a more gradual increase in the dose?

  and 2)  I am concerned about the seasonal rise in ACTH because I want to avoid a laminitic episode.  My vet has suggested that Metformin may address the underlying IR and avoid laminitis this fall. ( I'm having another blood draw in early September.)  I'm wondering if any have had experience with Metformin and its effectiveness?

Thanks all!

Patti and Fargo

Madison, Wisconsin  --  April 2015


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