No carrots

lj friedman

Jesse, severe IR has no carrots offered to him.. To give him his prascend, 2.5mg and 2.5 tablets I bake the flax treats many of us use.. cinnamon, unsweetened applesauce.. etc..  But. he will no longer accept this  treat.. My plan B is to toss the meds in with a small bunch of his timothy pellets.. Because he is a sloppy eater.. and some leave the bucket. I can no longer guarantee that he is getting all of his prascend. and he often wont eat all the tablets.   So, for the last few days I've used a small piece of carrot and shove the pills into the carrot. The size of the carrot is very small. about the size of one of those mini-carrot stubs  sold in the grocery stores. My question, is this ok?  He wont eat a grape, a prune, celery etc. and mixing with his pellets is no longer working either. He will eat this carrot and chew and eat it  completely with nothing dropping out of his mouth,  as I watch him.. which is what I want to see.  

lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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