Feed for foal of IR mare


My Spanish Andalusian broodmare has been dx IR since 2011 and with the help and advice I have gotten from this group, she has successfully had 2 healthy foals since her diagnosis. Her diet is pretty tight when she does not have a foal by her side but does get extra time in a big field (4 -5 am hours muzzled) when she has a foal so the foal get can more exercise than the small dry lot. Her current 3 month old colt is going to be taller than his dam (16.2) and while I am concerned about OCD & physitis, I've been only letting him eat soaked ODHC which he loves. My usual feed for non IR horses is Legends or Triple Crown and with all the new formulas - Growth, etc., I am hesitant to use concentrates. Is there a safe foal feed? While my mare has never had laminitis, she was in the severe risk category on initial testing and her appetite is still unbelievable - I think she would eat anything. Her mother & half-sister both foundered and I would guess that my mare's offspring will have a chance of becoming IR at some point since Andalusians on an American diet have not fared well.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Dawn & Roma
Middletown, DE
August 2011

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