Re: new to the group and looking for help with IR and laminitis

vicky monen



Thank you so much for all the information.


I believe I made a mistake on my history as I put things that I had done prior to the Diagnosis of IR,  like bad treats and the 27/7 grass turnout.  All this has been stopped since July 2015 and he is on a very restricted diet. 

 Is there any low starch/low carb feed concentrate that is at all acceptable to feed to get the horses vitamins and minerals in.   The barn I am at, is a very small private boarding place and getting them to soak the hay, or even soak beet pulp, will be difficult if at all possible.


My question right now is, I know that our geographical area  is low in copper and I had to supplement a previous horse with copper which he was deficient in.


Would it be beneficial to add the copper to Samsons diet?


I am stopping the red cell immediately. 


Is there anyone from Georgia that has had success in finding a good hay source with good 10% or less results? 


Thanks again,


Vicky Monen and Samson

Ga, Aug 2015


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