Re: Pet health pharmacy

Leigh Jacobs

Hello LJ,
I work with PHP regularly for our clients and for myself.  Was the script written as Pergolide or Pergolide Mesylate?  If written as Pergolide, then the conversion would be close.  1.31mg pergolide mesylate is equivalent to 1.0mg Pergolide.  (3.93 versus 3.0) respectively. 
Leigh, Ace and Shadow
2011 AZ

On Saturday, August 29, 2015 6:15 PM, "lj_friedman@... [EquineCushings]" wrote:

So excited to get my first 30 capsules of c-pergolide for Jesse from Pet Health Pharmacy, .  How disappointing to see they dispensed 4.0 mg capsules when the script clearly shows 3.0mg.  lj friedman san diego nov 2014 

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