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Leigh Jacobs

So, is 4.0 mg comp pergolide  the equiv of 3.0mg of prascend.
Prascend 1.0mg is equivalent to 1.31mg pergolide mesylate so if your script had been written for 3.0 mg Pergolide (as in Prascend) then you can "assume" the compounding pharmacy would have used ~4.0mg of Pergolide mesylate to create your horse's script.  My suggestion is to check your original script and if you are still not sure you can call them.
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On Saturday, August 29, 2015 8:15 PM, "lj_friedman@... [EquineCushings]" wrote:

Not sure if my previous post came thru... the rx was written as 3.0mg pergolide capsules..  jesse is now on 2.5mg prascend and I wanted to bump it up to 3.0mg prascend and thought that instead of using 3 tablets of prascend , I'd use one capsule of comp pergolide..  So, is 4.0 mg comp pergolide  the equiv of 3.0mg of prascend? 

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