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Leigh Jacobs

Hi Nancy,
I don't have an insert in front of me either!  I can check on Monday when I am in the clinic.  I will admit that the last box I really looked at was over 6 months ago.  Have they changed the front of it?  When it first came out, you had to look at the insert to see pergolide mesylate.  I tried your link and yes the Prascend logo is loud and clear in its pergolide mesylate print. I tried a copy and paste to pull up the front of the box to see what it stated but it is too blurry.
I guess the point I am trying to get across is that not all pharmacies, pharmicists, nor veterinarians or their reps speak in the same terms.  In not understanding the differences, some horses may be underdosed or overdosed because of semantics. This is from my own experience with helping clients who have come to my vet after frustrating experiences with others.
Out of curiosity, has anyone recently been told that 1mg Prascend works better than 1mg compounded PM?  And then given the reason?
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Hi Leigh.

Yes, I recall the conversations.  I was looking for more back up.

What small print/font please? I do not have a package insert so cannot check.  is there something else on line I could read?

This web link to Prascend their logo says loud and clear "pergolide mesylate". See this link.

Thank you for helping me with my confusion.

Nancy C in NH
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 In small font they say pergolide mesylate.

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