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Dr. Kellon,
Since I was so busy researching my way to an answer to Lisa I did not see your response. :/
Am I correct in understanding that it is the rulings of the courts that have prevented the FDA from going after compounding pharmacies? Is there an appeal in progress anywhere?
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I seem to remember (though I cannot quite find it) a discussion that mentioned that as of 2012 or so, ALL compounded pergolide would need to be made from, essentially, Prascend.
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That is what the FDA says, but two federal courts have ruled against the FDA claim that drugs cannot legally be compounded from bulk material - in this case bulk powder pergolide mesylate.

If the compounder is giving you a product that actually contains the dosage as claimed, the only difference  between compounded and Prascend is that the Prascend is stable for longer because of the coating and the blister packaging.  If a compounder did take it out of the packaging and grind it up to make compounded, it would lose that advantage.

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