Re: Short strided sole bruising & Abscesses/PQ question??

corrine haffner

Hi Kerry 

I can easily enough put him back on the emergency diet.of just soaked hay. Yes my concern is having diet balanced reason for ODTB cubes. The poster who said he looked good wished her IR horse was lean like jasper, that pic is dated 8-28-2015. Since that picture was taken he's dropped more weight,he is currently on 20lbs of ODTB cubes 5lbs of hay. 

Do i just drop ODTB cubes and go back to just soaked hay? Could also be dealing with a lyme flare up his appetite is good,so kinda doubt it. 

Also need input on white line being full of blood on both fronts,have up current hoof pics shows some of the blood in white line,more blood now then when pics where taken.

Not sure if you saw last nights post on the kids feeding him apples & sugar cube's?? every evening unknown to me till last night when i caught them. So that could also be a big part of his becoming so sore footed and staying sore footed. 

Still wondering if i can up PQ to 3 scoops twice a day?,is on 2 scoops twice a day currently the 3 scoops twice a day would only be to get him through this crisis.  I know i need to update CH will do that after sept 14th re test.  

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