Re: again can't delete my old history

Nancy C

It is really important for every member to learn to be able to do this.

That said, I have uploaded three files that are very likely exactly the same update.  Julia, please go to the link below and identify which one you want to keep by name for me.  I can then delete the other two.

Above all keep breathing ad keeping trying.  You will get there.  1000s before you have and we know how frustrating this is.

Hang in there.  You can do this.



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Please join us at the 2015 NO Laminitis! Conference, Georgetown TX, November 6-8, 2015

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Hi Julia
  <<<<I could cry, technology & I can’t do it so I can get the help for my poor girl.>>>>>
Just ask LeeAnn for help she would be glad to hep you get your case history uploaded. Email her at ECIR.Archives At gmail dot com  Take a deep breath you'll get the help your mare needs :)

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