Re: again can't delete my old history

Nancy C

You did not see them in your folder b/c you loaded them to the general file area and they were waaayyyyy down at the bottom of the whole list of folders, sitting by themselves.  I have removed them.

I also removed all but Luxy test results Aug 2015 and what you had previously loaded on august 24.

When you load something, take care to make sure you are going into your folder.

Learning how to interact with this group and what you need to do for your horse is like learning to play an instrument well.   You need to do a little every day.  I know this b/c I was in exactly your spot many years ago.

Hang in there.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003
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I want to keep Luxy test results Aug. 2015
They didn’t show up when I tried before. 
Julia & Luxy in PA

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