Re: Wedgewood Pharmacy


Hi Julia,

Instead of waiting for the compounded version, maybe you could get a box of Prascend from your vet. Its tedious, but not impossible, to split the tablets into 0.5mg (what I started with) or even 0.25mg. That way you could start as soon as you get the Prascend.

Just a thought; I know youre anxious to get things rolling. Luckily youre not staring at astronomically high IR numbers from Cornell, so you can relax...a tiny bit :))

We are here for you! I know its overwhelming and very easy to make yourself crazy...but you will be on the other side of the chaos & agony eventually. Just stay the course; Ive survived two IRs (one very difficult PPID) who tag team their crises so Im always tweaking one's DDTE or the other...but seeing them feel better and downright prosper and bloom into better, healthier horses, is so so worth all the trouble!

You'll get there!

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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