Re: again can't delete my old history


This is not a reprimand as we all know how difficult getting used to new screens and technology can be, but I must remind members that when updating a case history, except in the case of an emergency, there should only ever be a single copy of a case history: When you update, you add TO the same document.  

It not only saves the member time and effort re-typing but it effects the speed and quality of the help you receive.   Volunteers need to see the whole timeline of ACTH results, feed changes, blood work, exercise changes, medical history, etc in one place.  This cannot be properly done if they have to compare entries in different documents.  

Please, for your horse's sake, take the time to read the instructions.  They are there to help both you, the volunteers and ultimately your equine.  Understanding how things work will save you time as well as speed up the process of getting your equine the best possible help.  You can access the instructions and help documents here in the main ECIR files:
or here in ECHistory8:


There are instructions on how to fill out, upload, download, what goes where (documents in folders pictures in photo albums).  

Julia, please know this isn't about you - you are, as Nancy said, among 1000s.  This is why the help and instruction documents were made.        

- ​LeeAnne, Newmarket, Ontario

ECIR Archivist 03/2004


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