Re: Short strided sole bruising & Abscesses/PQ question??

corrine haffner

I put jasper on the Emergency diet as of this afternoon,has two hay nets stuffed with soaked hay. Am i doing the right thing here or not?? I know wonder if the treats aren't the trigger of his problems? and had nothing to do with ODTB cubes. 

I feel like i just can't have anything go right,i'am ready to kill some kids that DON'T get horse CAN'T have apples & sugar cube's. Was gone for just over an hour to come home to same kids out at fence feeding jasper treats. I think they got it this time i went off the deep end on them used every swear word in the book and told them to stay the h*** off my property.Told both of the kids i see you back at the fence i'll be calling the sheriff...

So more sugar to add insult to injury i'am so upset i could just cry,sorry for the rant.

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