Pamela Bramell

Thank you to this group that gave me the knowledge to take this wonderful 32 year old pony into my life.  Here is my tribute to him.  Much loved and free from the constraints of a body that contained his lovely spirit.

Today is the day I helped my beloved gelding Frosty cross over the bridge. I know a lot about his life before coming to live with me. He lived it grandly. A fine old Southern Gentleman appy pony. Because of that I wanted to give him his dignity in death as well. I had talked to Josie about it. She came to me a day or so later and said that she had a dream. Jesus was standing next to God and Frosty was running all around. Frosty ran up to Jesus and Jesus put his arm around Frosty. Jesus looked at Josie and told her "don't be afraid, brighter days are coming." So I knew it was okay to let this fine old southern gentleman go before something ugly happened and put a stain on his fabulous life. Frosty, the blind old guy, gave me the confidence to ride again. We had fun as I taught him "watch your feet", "up Frosty", "down Frosty". Those were the cues I taught this beloved blind guy so that we could ride safely together. When the terrain would change, I would give him the appropriate cues. He learned them quickly, but he was sharp like that. I would throw Josie up on him and the grand old man would take his job seriously. That job was to take care of this precious cargo on his back. Good man Frosty! It's been a little over 4 years since he came to us, I love that boy. Thanks to Dr. Wolfe for making the hardest of situations so much easier. In the days leading up to this day I just kept saying "I trust you God, I trust you." And with that, the whole process was very peaceful and when Frosty laid down his final time his mane looks as if he is running in the wind! Run in Peace my beloved man, because I know resting is not in your nature! See you at the bridge my lovely blind cushings sweet southern old gentleman.

Pam in Va


Frosty (over the bridge) Story, Shaqiraj and the lovely Buttercup

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