any herbs to help with swelling? stocked up

lj friedman

Jesse is a bit stocked up in the hind legs.. not too bad but enough that it is now noticed. My trainer alerted me to this. and no vet has ever mentioned it.. I assume he's been stocked up for a while  OR. now  that he is being lightly worked, perhaps something started this?  I know the solution is work,but  it hasnt helped.. back on track boots also no help  and cool hosing also not much of a help.. any herbals that can assist? any other ideas or causes?  could prascend have a side effect of stocking up? as I dont ever remember this being a problem til the past few months.. though it could have been present and not noticed.. Jesse is doing very well in his rehab.. the trainers say his trot and canter are  very fancy.and smooth . as he is a hunter jumper warmblood with lots of training.   lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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