Re: Hard swollen sheath

Sharon Manning

Hi all,

Well starting last week the Sheath swelling has begun again. The area is lumpy, hard as a rock and size about that of a volleyball. moving towards the front skin is swollen to about this size of a double fist. It never completely resolved but improved dramatically when started on meds.  I had blood drawn again and should be getting it today to check his ACTH, just in case this is caused by a seasonal rise. I will post and put it in his CH as soon as I get it. 
The vet, knows nothing about this kind of thing being caused by PPID, of course. Her comment was that there is a protein metabolism problem that is serious that can cause swelling like this. I would like Dr. Kellon's input or other well informed members to weight in as to this possibly being uncontrolled PPID or something else. Please.
He has been doing well on compounded.


East TN

Cushing/IR 05



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