West Nile Virus

Sara Gooch

Last week, my four year old, non-IR mare tested positive for West Nile Virus.  Thankfully her neurological symptoms were relatively mild and short-lived. She had not been vaccinated for West Nile. On the same premises, I have two IR/PPID mares ages 18-29 who have not been vaccinated due to extreme adverse reactions. Both mares have colicked after vaccination, even when pretreated with Banamine.. They have not been vaccinated in about four years.

Now that I know we definitely have WN infected birds and mosquitos, I'm interesting in anything that would be effective in boosting their immune systems against West NIle--short of vaccinating them, which as I understand it would take several weeks and include a booster shot to be effective.  L-Glutamine? APF? Or is vaccination my only recourse? I hate the thought of risking colic . . .and also WNV.  They are on a supplement fairly closely balanced to their hay and their hay is 12% protein.  

Thanks for any suggestions--

Sara, NE California, 2011  

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