Re: Hard swollen sheath

Sharon Manning

Thanks Dr. K, that makes perfect sense to me now that I think about it. I let the vet scare me, again.  I got the blood work back and sure enough, proof is in the pudding as they say! His ACTH is 48 from Cornell. (up from 27.6 in July) I now have a very visual barometer for his ACTH!! Even tho being over weight he has never had a large crest, fatty pockets, etc. This visual is just as good as bloodwork! LOL
I took photos. He is solid black so not sure how well you can see but wish I could pass him around the room for everyone to see/feel as it is quite the anomaly to me.
I have increased his Compounded Perg. to 6.0mg as of this AM. Last time this happened his swelling and hard lumps started reseeding at about 4 days on meds. Never completely went away but he lost all the swelling and most of the lumps, and just looked better all over. 

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