Re: West Nile Virus

Sara Gooch

Thank you Dr. Kellon,

Can you suggest labs in the US that run WNV titers?

Unfortunately, my local vet does not seem very well informed about running titers, or I misunderstood her. She indicated that a lab in Iowa was the only lab in the US that could run WNV titers, and that it was very expensive. I do want to run titers on my other horses if it’s not too expensive or complicated. They are all IR and three are also PPID. My vet pressured me to just vaccinate all of them.

Before I communicated with you, I vaccinated the two younger (15 and 18) of those four horses, their first WNV vaccinations in about five years (Pfizer WN Innovator, the only vac readily available). The gelding broke out in severe hives. I’m hesitant to give those two horses the booster in a few weeks. If I am able to run titers, would those very recent WNV vaccinations muddle the “true” titer readings? If that’s the case, I’d just run the titers on the two older unvaccinated mares. All the horses have been on the same premises for over seven years, except the new, now WNV-positive, mare that we’ve had for three months.

If you or anyone else can give me the names of labs that will run the WNV titers I need (IgG capture ELISA, right?) and the ballpark cost, I’d appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance.

Sara, 2011, NE California


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