Jesse.. a few stumbles today

lj friedman

Jesse hasnt been ridden in a few days because its been so hot and the trainer usually rides him in late afternoon.. Ive been walking him.. This evening,.. he stumbled 3 times, nothing major , just a break in his normal stride, but it alarmed me. .. not sure which leg.. etc.. I asked a trainer to have a look and she said it looked like he wasnt lifting his back legs very much.. Possible causes?   seasonal rise?  change from prascend to compounded?  My feeling is that the answer could be to increase pergolide?  I have the vet coming on Tues for my other horse, so I can have him have a look.  I have increased pergolide  from 2mg to 3mg and see no other changes. Sometimes it seems that he needs to warm up from being old and stiff., but the stumbles happened in the beginning of the walk and after 10 minutes as well   He is also on mov ease. Could it be the very hot weather we;ve been having  100 degree highs and often 90 degrees at 7pm. He does have full shade and I hose him down as well.

lj friedman san diego nov 2014


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