Re: Test Results for Jasper

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Corrine,

Definitely need to up the pergolidedose  as soon as possible as the ACTH has risen considerably since the last testing and is continuing to rise. As he is on 3mg dose now, if he were mine I would be looking at raising it to 5 or 6mg as a target to aim for catching and getting on top of the rise. Would do 1mg changes every 2-3 days as he seems to be responding well to changes in dose now.

The glucose is solidly above the high normal range, making Jasper diabetic as well as PPID. Leptin has risen too.The rising ACTH is playing a part in this but the unknown hay (even tho is is soaked) may also be playing a part. Need to get the diet excruciatingly tight as well, with tested hay + minerals or using all ODTB cubes - whichever works the best.

He won't get any lasting foot comfort until the PPID/IR is solidly controlled. The repeat infections are also linked to this as the PPID and IR will depress the immune system.

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Jan 05, RI
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