ACTH Results Back

Stephanie Stout

Hi All,

I would love your advice please - I just got King's ATCH & Insulin results back from Cornell. He is on 4.5mg Pergolide(1x per day) from Pet Health all spring/summer along with a very strict low S/S diet. His ACTH on his test in December was 30.2 pg/mL(reference range of 9-35) and his newest results from 9/14/15 is 49.2 mg/mL. He foundered in all 4 feet last September/October as I had no idea he was Cushings and IR until he went into kidney failure first, and then really severe laminitis a couple weeks after. He has a 9 degree rotation in both fronts, and a couple degree rotation in both hinds. 

So, what would you recommend? I am thinking that his Pergolide should be raised to prevent any farther rise/laminitis problems? How much would you raise it? 

Thank you so much!

Stephanie & King


Oct 2014


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