Re: IR or PPID symptoms?

Suzanne Mansolilli

Thank you for your thoughts, Nancy. 

I just changed Monty's CH to .pdf format and uploaded it.  I'm not sure if what I did was right, please check it for me and let me know how to do it if it still doesn't open for you.

Thanks for clarifying that post of Dr Kellon's.  I totally missed the  reference to "non-pituitary cases".  Just paranoid of over-medicating if the sore feet is not PPID driven.  Is there a complete list of IR and PPID symptoms in the files?  I find partial lists of symptoms in various  posts and articles, but am still confused as to which symptoms go with which condition--hence my confusion on how to deal with his soreness.

 His feet are still warm with digital pulses -- not getting worse, but not better, either. Today I  soaked in ice water, then dried and put him in boots and pads.  He walks ok in the boots, but walks sort of stiff-legged and ouchy without them.  I had some bute on hand, so started it 2 days ago until I get Phyto Quench.  Is that the right course of action?  Is it OK for him to be on bute and still walk around in his paddock?  

I did trim him myself the day before I noticed heat,  Could taking his toes back too much have caused the heat and pulses?  I posted hoof photos to my folder and also wrote a post to Lavinia, (post 196671 on 9/18) with some questions concerning the trim. Hoping to hear back soon.

I'll be calling the vet in the morning to see if she can pull blood tomorrow, if not will ask her to raise to 3mg and test in 3 wks as suggested.

Thanks again,

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There is absolutely no solid evidence at all to suggest that
pergolide is of use in treatment of insulin resistance related to
genetic predisposition, obesity, diet or any other nonpituitary cause.

Note the reference to" nonpituitary cause".

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