Re: Reposting(2nd try): ACTH Results Back

Stephanie Stout

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for replying. I try really hard to watch his symptoms closely, as I see him several times a day(he's at home). I have noticed that his crest has increased a little over the past couple weeks. I'm planning to start by adding .5mg(starting today), and then adding another .5mg 4-5 days after so he will be on an added 1mg. Does that sound appropriate/good to you? 

I would love to retest 3 weeks after I reach the 5.5mg, but I will have to see if I can do it financially. 

The vet is a whole topic in itself - I am struggling/arguing with the vet that I have started working with since she is convinced that the ACTH reference range from Cornell is up to 105(!!) so he doesn't need anymore Pergolide. I finally got her to write the prescription for the .5mg last week by explaining that I'm on this group, and that King needs more Pergolide for the seasonal rise(we will see what happens when I have to do a refill). 

@LJ I will never be able to prove/confirm it, but I believe that he went into kidney failure because his PPID and Insulin levels were so high originally. His kidneys(knock on wood quick) have been WNL and fully functioning for over a year now. He has been doing GREAT, I'm so proud and thankful to this group!  

Thanks all! 
Stephanie & King


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