Re: Jasper's Lyme Results

Nancy C

Hi Coririne

Can't tell you about the pergolide.  You need to look at symptoms and work to the plan you have with your vet. The goal is to control ACTH.

Some folks use these to slow down cube consumption.



My concern would be that he has choked twice on hard cubes. 

Will all the posts, I honestly have lost track of why you stopped all hay.  If it's low sugar hay, putting a pound or two in a slow feeder might keep him busy in between cube meals

You are going to have to experiment.

Nancy C in NH
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I put a few big rock in his feed dish today slowed him down some,he searched out cubes that were scattered and ate those first.  Had 5.5 lbs gone in an hour,i put out another 3 lbs of cubes scattered out around corral to keep him busy.  

Or he starts eating on the wood rails and posts this is new in just the last 2 days,if he cant do that he eats on salt lick or eats dirt.  This is all new stuff he's started doing since hay has been cut out of diet. He spends his day looking for stuff to eat. I am soaking cubes i put in feed dish the rest i just throw out on ground around corral. When he's out of cube i put out more or he's looking for trouble..not sure keeping cubes in fornt of him is ideal??

Do i up his pergolide another 1 mg or wait a few more days??

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