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I understand this post may stir up a hornet's nest -- again -- but being an open forum where advice is commonly solicited and anecdotal reports from owners are encouraged, Im sticking my neck out FWIW....

From careful studying of my two very sensitive IRs, and their experience consuming varying %BW of ODTBC, that IME/IMO, I would try putting Jasper back on the soaked hay only (no cubes) Emergency Diet until there's clinical evidence that his PPID is under control with the increasing pergolide dosages.  Now compounding in the choke episode and the questionable Lyme status to the unabating PU/PD, ongoing hoof soreness, unsatiable appetite, etc.

I do not have published research to provide.

I did not ask Dr Kellon's opinion prior to posting this.

I am not a moderator. 

However, I've observed from direct experience that when my mare's PPID was not controlled, she could not handle the ESC & starch in the cubes in *any* amount fed (even <1lb).  Her insulin normalized only when I found her target dose of pergolide and she consumed the Emergency Diet. Once on the correct pergolide dose for a few weeks, she was able to consume at least 1% BW in ODTBC and even did well on 2% BW thru the hard winter while living out 24/7 and still working (she's on 1% BW at present and doing well).

My IR gelding does well at 0.5% BW (6lbs/day for a 1200-lb horse), but any higher % of BW he gains too much weight and his insulin climbs.  I weigh him monthly at a local equine clinic and any higher than 0.5% BW in cubes and/or a decrease in work sends his insulin into trouble.  If his weight does ever increase, I will decrease the % of cubes.  Luckily, so far, his weight has dropped or held steady at each weighing.

Again, purpose in posting is only to try to get Jasper on the road to recovery. I mean no ill will by offering advice that may appear puzzling or unsolicited. Im just hoping to throw some observations out on the table to possibly help Jasper. That is my only intent.  My apologies for invading your inboxes if this post was unwanted :)

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IME, hungry all day is part of uncontrolled IR.

You need to do what you need to do to avoid choke. 

Some members have used large rocks in the feed pan/bucket to slow them down. Psyllium previously mentioned.

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With no hay in diet i feel like i need to give more then 22 lbs of cubes,i know i run the risk of him getting to fat,i don't know what else to do other then feed 30 lbs a day.He hungry all the time...

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