Re: Jasper's Lyme Results

corrine haffner

Hi Nancy

Took hay out of diet because of unknow  minerals, Lavinia felt i needed to tighten up his diet due to the numbers on test going up quite a bit from test in August.  I had the choice of testing current hay getting it mineral balance or going to all ODTB cubes.

Testing hay is not an easy option big rounds stacked roof high can only get to maybe 4 to core and test. That's on hay from one field. Hay on other side of hay barn comes from 2 different fields, so i felt going to all cubes made more sense. 

Yes i'am working with vet right now he's gone so kinda on my own. He still peeing excessively and drinking excessively so still out of control PPID or IR or both,reason for major diet change,so that's not part of problem.

Vet that came last night isn't the best i don't have alot of faith in her or he ability she over tranqed him and he went down,while he had tube down his nose. So i'am not real appt to have her back i thought jasper was going to die last night. Took him 2 hour before he got back up i demand vet stay till my horse got up and was ok,she did so willingly. I wasn't rude i was just a very worried horse owner and dealing with a very emotional daughter who was freaking out,so that was how my night went NO sleep...

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