Re: Reposting(2nd try): ACTH Results Back

Claudia Goodman

>>I would love to retest 3 weeks after I reach the 5.5mg, but I will have to see if I can do it financially. 

Stephanie, I also have been trying to get the pergolide dose right during seasonal rise. I tested back in July, and my mare mare had already unexpectedly jumped just beyond the normal range, so I immediately raised her .5mg pergolide to 4.0 mg. I have to make a point of saying no changes in symptoms were at all apparent, which for her is loss of brightness, first and foremost.
Tested again at end of August and she continued slightly upward, so I increased dose .5 mg to 4.5, for a few weeks and again to 5.0 mg pergolide. No symptom changes have been seen.

I plan to test her the end of Sept, believing that she is controlled for now, but I do want to see for sure that she stays controlled during the rise, so will test again. My goal is to keep her under the 35 pg/mL ACTH high end of normal during seasonal rise, believing that the more tightly controlled we keep them, the better off they will be long term.

I think once we see how seasonal rise affects a horse's ACTH values, it is a bit easier to judge how to dose in subsequent years. I learned from last year's pattern that I needed to go up 2.5 mg to keep my mare controlled during the rise. And after seasonal rise, she needed more pergolide (3.0 mg) than before the rise started (2.0 mg).  
Best of luck with King. 

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