Re: Jesse labs how high should I go?

lj friedman

thank you for the reply... I dont see much in the way of symptoms.. He seems happy and is getting regular work.( at 25 years old. his assist trainer says he has the smoothest trot and canter she has ever seen.. He has been brought back to work ever so slowly.. usually walked for 30 minutes with a little trot and canter at the end.. I got on him today for a few minutes as well) . eyes look ok and crest looks fine too. I don't keep a real journal. but I do keep track of labs. when I change things.. vaxes , wormings.. etc. so its sort of a journal.. I will stay at 4mg for a week ,. then go to 5 for a week or two and consider a re-test and keep an eye out for the veil.  Is there any problem with using 3.0 compounded, then increasing with prascend till I figure out a dose that works and then get a compounded dose when the numbers are more stable?  lj friedman san digo nov 2014. 

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