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Excellent post, Nancy.  It is so true that we all sometimes end up running around like hamsters on a wheel.  Going over your checklist (which I am repeating, as it is so good) is always a good plan.

Thanks for this!

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EC Case History 1

To help us help you, we ask you to focus in the following ways:

* Knowing or learning how to use your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Apple watch,
Google glass or whatever the next exciting device is.  Otherwise, we are dead in the water.
* Understanding the fundamentals of why the group does what it does.
* Understanding that this group is not a chat group.
* Understanding you will be asked to back up your statement of fact or opinion.
* Learning to do your own case histories.
* Learning how to observe and record symptoms.
* Learning how to identify and communicate with the best of your local pros
* Learning how to communicate with your suppliers.
* Learning how to take and submit good hoof photos.
* Learning how to take good body photos and videos.
* Communicating effectively.

It is okay to get frustrated.  It is okay to be confused.  Through this process though,  the owner needs to realized they are ultimately responsible for devising and sticking to plan of action. There is no magic bullet. With many horses it takes time, longer than others. Reporting your horse’s condition every day is honestly not the best approach.  Keeping records, keeping your History updated and reporting every few weeks in times of stress, monthly or seasonally  when questions arise, allows your hardworking volunteers to see the bigger picture.

In crisis, a step back and a look at the big picture is needed to hopefully move on successfully. That is where each owner can learn to use  DDT+E as a guide. To use DDT+E as your guide, ask yourself:

Diagnosis - Do you have one?  Is it correct? Was blood work taken and handled properly? Do you have copies or results? Are blood work reports updated in your case history?  Do you have other areas that need to be explored because things are not resolving as you had hoped? Could that involve other areas of DDT+E? What are your vet recommendations and why? Do you need better communication?

Diet - Is it as tight as it could be, including mineral ratios?  What is the ESC&Starch?  Are issues most likely thought as nutritional - like weight loss or gain or loss of top line - really in issue that falls under Diagnosis? Have husbandry issues been looked after as well? Deworming , teeth, etc?

Trim - Is it as tight and balanced as it should be?  Do you know how to recognize when it is not, both in hoof form and how your horse moves? Does your hoof pro? Are you sure?

Exercise - Do you have plan to work to what is healthy for your horse? Is the horse getting better staying the same, or regressing?  If so, how would DDT play into this?

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