Re: IR or PPID symptoms?

Nancy C

I will need Dr Kellon or Clougher to give the details or straighten me out however here is my take.

NSAIDs will work on body pain and (perhaps) int eh active laminitis/rotating stage when there is a ton of inflammation.  A horse feeling better whether in body or in this early  acute laminitis stage will move more than he should.

I beleive Dr Kellon has describe the do not to use jherb during active laminitis recommendation as out of an abundance of caution.  Moving from PQ to jherb is usually done after physiological re-rotting trim, and as the horse move into less pain.

Mag Ox is cheaper. You may or may not need the Chromium etc in Quiessence.  I don't want to get in the way of your balancing so will ask you to go rely on what she recommended  My point was to increase amount of mag and tighten ratio which is easy to do with Mag Ox.  Same on the Chromiun/selenium question.

Colorado can be high in selenium.  The easiest way to now your needs is to test you SE in the blood.

IMO, Fat pads would be driven by IR out of control which can be driven by out of control PPID.

You will need to talk to your vet re the compound.  Make sure you have your ducks in a row!

Nancy C in NH
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Thank you for helping me help Monty!!

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