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Reading archived conversations on retesting one said when you reach your target dosage to retest.  How does one know this target dosage?

Ha ha, Julia - this is the $64,000 question!

There are two ways: First is to test 2 - 3 weeks after reaching a dose you think is okay (ie, 1 mg in many cases of first-time PPID medicating)

Second is to monitor clinical signs; when the signs of PPID improve markedly (less drinking, less urinating, better foot comfort, more chipper demeanor), then stop at that dose, and, ideally, test 2-3 weeks later. Below are two links to this; the second on is a really good post by Patti, some of which I have copied under the link:

So, take some paper and write down (really write it down, as a week from now it will be
fuzzy, and be as objective as you can) - Kasha's overall appearance, how much back sag
he has, if his eyes are clear or goopy, his coat condition.
Rate his attitude on a scale from 0 to 10 (0 depressed, lethargic - 10 happy, curious), his
activity (0 lying down all the time - 10 galloping with tail flagged) and your assessment of
his hoof pain (0 can't put weight on foot for trimming - 10 sound on gravel at trot, maybe
a 5 for sound at trot in boots), sweating (0 for anhydrosis - 10 for excessive sweating).
Put a word description next to each score - so you can pinpoint just what you meant when
you re-score him in a few days or a week. Take a picture or two to go with, put the pages
away in his notebook and increase his pergolide 1/2 mg.
Do this again in 4-7 days and compare it to the first assessment; then decide if you feel
his pergolide should go up another 1/2 mg or if he's shown improvement and you'll hold

Hope this helps!

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