pergolide delivery nightmare


An order of pergolide capsules from Island Pharmacy in BC was mailed to me in northern Ontario. It went to southern Ontario, back west to Manitoba, and stayed there for days. It *may* be now safely at my post office. I must go there tomorrow to pick it up and inspect packaging before accepting it. The package has traveled 4 stages, thousands of miles.

As a stopgap measure I ordered, through my vet, a container of pergolide powder from an Ontario compounding pharmacy. It is a "fluffy" product and at a dosage of 24 mg the jar will last 4 days. Price is 2/3 of 6 weeks' worth of capsules from my regular supplier in BC. This is why I use Island Pharm in BC. Also the Ontario supplier does not provide encapsulated pergolide.

I have 2 questions. 

1. While trying to find out where my capsule order went, I stretched out the last two (24 mg) doses to one every 36 hours. To get back to a daily 9 a.m. dose should I change the hours of capsules gradually, or ramp up from a lower dose using powder?

2. Does anyone know a compounding pharmacy closer to my area that provides affordable pergolide capsules?

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario, 12/08, with rising blood pressure


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