Re: Pergolide versus Pergolide mesylate

Lisa S

Dr. Kellon,

Thank you so much for checking on the pergolide-vs-pergolide mesylate question. 

So, for clarity's sake, when a veterinarian is writing a script for pergolide, and he wants to insure that the amount given will be, shall we say for example, .5 mg, what is the best way for that script to be worded?

If it is written as '.5 mg pergolide' is that clear enough to insure that the final product will contain .5 mg pergolide? It seems that there might not be complete clarity on this issue among all the compounders, so just trying to insure that the dosage that is being scripted is actually being compounded, and that there is not confusion.


Lisa in TX
Zippy, Rita and Bunny - IR
June 2010

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