IR and now Cushings in my senior pony

Nicole Cammarano

Hello Everyone
I've got a senior pony that was diagnosed with IR this past February ...from what I remember his insulin was 120 ...he was started on Metformin, Thyroid medicine(Palatech) , Isoxsuprine , and Previcoxx took a good 2-3 months of being on stall rest, switching to low sugar hay etc to see improvements ...we got him soft ride boots ...which helped a lot as well...we also put him on the supplements Heiro, Remission, and MSM ...he was doing great from id say April/May until mid June -I went away for a week...came home to him having an acute laminitic flare up...added acepromazine 3times/day ...we also tested him for lyme which came back positive for the OSPF chronic ...we treated him with Doxy for 30 days...he started doing really well much so that I cut his previcox down to half a tab /day ...then I'd say for the past 2 weeks or so he started looking sore ago on his feet...we retested blood...his insulin was 58 ...and his acth was off the charts high at 655...the vet recommended starting him on Prascend ...we ordered it ...waiting for it to arrive .... In the meantime ...I have MMP Stop and EMS formula herbs from For Love Of The Horse on hand that I started him on yesterday ....any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

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