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do you have any other ideas!!!  I've tried to get her help 4 different times, I e-mailed her 2 times and called her once I talked to her and she said to call and leave my number and I did and still no repose... I'll try again tomorrow.. Any ideas on how I can get her to call me back?? and to help me??
the vet and blacksmith is going to come back out.. I have a real issue with her heels and with another x ray, just to make sure whats what I want him to take the heels almost off or down alot.. she had issues before with hi heels and I told jeff that  this time I'm marking the heels and hes going to take them way down or he can walk.... I hate to be a bitch but she was walking better . before he did her. I just need help with the infection and trimming because of my knee surgery. I'm not ready to trim again but I will if need to..
sue & princess
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Hi, Sue - great advice from Jeannie.  I don't know what more you can do; I do realize that one shouldn't double up with PhytoQuench and J-herb, but if Dr. Kellon says it is okay, I would be tempted to give her a snifter of J-herb also, to improve circulation and hoof growth.

Hugs to you both!

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