Re: Stiff back leg

Nancy C

Hi Sandra

Do you have a Case History for Mike?  If not, please join ECHistry8 and give us some background volunteers can refer to.



He may need to go back to training on the ground to bring him up to where he can be ridden.  There are a number of things that could be going on from arthritis to lack of vitamin e to trim.

Glad he's doing better on the pergolide.  I hope you asked for references from your chiro as to why to take him off the drug.

Nancy C in NH
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---In EquineCushings@..., <Sandralyn@...> wrote : Can I ever hope for him to be normally ridden or is he just a company horse now.  I had a chiropractor come out to adjust him, but he didn't do much for him and wanted me to take him off pergolide though I've seen improvement since on (i.e. no constant absesses as before) and his leg has improved, muscle loss is back to normal and gained weight.

Input please.



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